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A Few Facts About Satiabilady® Habanero Marmalades

Fresh Vegetables

All of our Gourmet Condiments have been made with only the finest and freshest ingredients. We carefully select our peppers using finicky standards and criteria. All of our recipes have been fine-tuned to perfection. Careful selection of flavors derived from the specific degrees of sweet-heat and ripeness is an esoteric art-form mastered by Satiabilady®. Our personal favorite, the Habanero
(pronounced: hah ban air oh, or, ah bah nair oh, without the "h" sound.) is alone, one hot pepper. Our perfected blends have tamed this notorious pod into a delectable taste sensation that pairs sweet with spicy! Mmmm... so good!

Some Revelry from our Family of Friends!

Here's what a few of our ever-growing Family of Friends have told us:

I bought two jars of your marmalade and went home to sample it. I looked all around for crackers, the right cheese etc. but was unsuccessful so, I put the marmalade on a slice of bread along with banana slices--it was really good. Your product has the right amount of heat and sweet. Well done.  Justin B.
Your marmalade is great! I put some on a grapefruit and grilled it...mmmm very good! Cathy M.
I just bought another case! Such a great deal for 12 jars of nirvana! I'll be giving most as hostess gifts during my trip and eating a couple jars while we're there. I should probably get two cases so I can give as gifts to the board members as a little present. You know this marmalade makes great gifts! Janet B.
The marmalade is magic!! Jamie and I have been enjoying it while looking over the enrollment, so thank you for providing that little treat to get us through the paper work :-). It's soooo yummy!! If it's not too much to ask, Jamie would really love her own jar. She keeps eating mine :-). YUMMY GOODNESS! Sara M.
I wanted to e-mail you and to thank you for the wonderful marmalade. The cocktail party was delightful, the Gala was inspiring and the marmalade was open by the time I got home! Colleen S.
I can't stop eating it!!! I need more!!! Mary M.

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