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Mutiple Jars of Colorful Habanero Marmalades

Satiabilady® Habanero Marmalades

Satiabilady® Habanero Marmalade, “marmanero” if you will, is a sweet and hot “good on everything” condiment of choice that is fast becoming the ingredient of choice in many gourmet recipes. Whether you spread it, shred it, grate it or grill it, the cheese of your choice is perfectly enhanced by the sweet, heat in this product line. The perfect balance of dominating sweet and hot flavors is enhanced by its textural qualities. While these marmalades are substantial in firmness at first blush, once out of the jar spread easily and simply melt on the palate.

Jar of Yellow Habanero Marmalade
The yellow “marmanero” is a balanced product, beautiful in color and presentation that is paired well with both red and white wines. Has a level of sophistication that pairs well with the finest domestic and imported cheeses. The flavors are sufficiently intense but this variety may be referred to as mellow yellow when compared with the red and green. Stand alone, however, this delicious selection goes nicely with subtle soft cheeses, fish and seafood, grilled vegetables, lamb and white meat including pork. As an appetizer it is unmatched in baked Brie.

Jar of Red Habanero Marmalade
The red “marmanero” is intensely flavorful with hot and sweet on its introduction to the palate delivering a second shot of subtle heat on the back side. Not prohibitively hot and less so when served as a unique layer of flavor with soft cheeses as on a toasted baguette with a fine ricotta, goat's or feta cheese. Substantial enough for all meats and especially stands up well with duck, grilled vegetables, red wines as well as mixed drinks or beer, grilled tofu and presents well on appetizer meatballs whether they are beef, turkey or soy.

Jar of Green Habanero Marmalade
The green “marmanero” is the most layered in presenting the flavors of the ingredients- the bell pepper subtley dominates followed by an immediate pop from the habanero chili which then lingers a bit longer here than with the other flavors. This variety is paired well with all meats, red or white and is especially good with bold flavorful wines with robust complexity as well as sweet and savory drinks from the bar. This flavor is a favorite with corn chips and makes a charming presentation nestled in a cream cheese “bird's nest”. It's a definite favorite with scallops or simmered pork and the bold flavor pairs well with gorgonzola on a rustic artisan loaf.